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Choco wotsits are a Northern (english) delicacy, Founded and Loved in Rochdale and the Manchester area.

even small doses are suggested to increase Labido AND penis size, there is absolutley no evidence to suggest that but it could be scientific FACT.
Choco wotsits consist of a delicate blend of Melted down chocolate and 'wotsits' cheesy corn snacks.
Other flavours/brands of wotsits have been tried to great controversy as the 'choco purists' of the region are known to get violent/sexually agressive at the discovery of such blends.

'ive made sum choco wotsits.'

Kenny B:


Synonyms, street names ect:

'choco bean'
'keen bean'
'Brownflower arse'
by beverageofkenny January 12, 2010
A 'tommy pipkin' is a small gas release by a male during sex.
It is only counted as a tommy pipkin if it falls into BOTH of the following catagories:
1. Said male has tried desperatley NOT to fart.
2. It makes a reletivley high pitch vibration upon release

'did you just tommy pipkin?'

'nah, it were the matress ger on wi it'
by beverageofkenny January 12, 2010
Coined By Kenny Beverage after heavy use of the word 'Dildotron'
Gimpotron taken from the latin 'Gimpadotronnus'
means simply 'to be a post retrospective gimp'
Luke: 'this leather suit and mask hurts when i ride my scooter'

kenny: 'gimpotron'
by Beverageofkenny January 12, 2010
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