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A place to decide the fate of your child, fully equipted with a revolving door for those who are completely irresponsible and use abortion as a form of birth control over and over again.
planned parenthood, destroying a generation, one baby at a time.
by BETTY CROCKER June 24, 2006
when you ghost ride the bus you run along the side of the bus, because you don't have enough money to get in...this is followed by stopping at each bus stop asking for spare change to get on.
nicole spent all her money on drugs, so she had to ghost ride the bus to work.
by BETTY CROCKER June 27, 2006
A computer with no other purpose than to use as a tool to view porn.
husband to wife -

I'm gonna be on the cumputer for a while honey, don't disturb me I have alot of work to do.
by BETTY CROCKER June 24, 2006
1. Someone that whines constantly.

2. An upset child or infant.

3. A sour yellow candy.
Shut up, your such a cry baby!

I want something sour, gimme a cry baby.
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
A soda that despite it's clever name actually contains no beer.
Jane drank all the rootbeer...greedy bitch.
by BETTY CROCKER June 25, 2006
Someone who can find a way to suck the fun out of ANY situation. The said person usually starts off by complaining and/or nagging...before you know it s/he has gone into full suction mode ruining the day.
Your such a fun sucker, fuck off!
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006
1. A child between the ages of 1 and 3.
2. Someone who can not walk very well.
your grandpa is a toddler.
by BETTY CROCKER June 26, 2006

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