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Abercrombie and Fitch is for hot girls and guys who are/have

1) skinnier than u are
2)prettier/hotter than you are
3) better clothes than you have

Abercrombie is often put down by ugly people that shop at Kmart and Walmart who are "nonconformist" and think that Abercrombie is "selling out". Actually though, they are jealous of the people that shop there because they are they can never be as hot as them.
Girl wearing Kohls: Omg look at that girl wearing all abercrombie. I HATE HER!

Girl wearing abercrombie: psh im prettier than u and im way hotter..go back to the Walmart dressing room that u crawled out of

Girl wearing Kohls runs away sobbing
by better than u r February 28, 2005

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