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Kennedy is the best daughter ever. She typically has long blonde, straight hair, and blue eyes. She is usually tall and skinny. She has nice curves though. She is nice, funny, and extremely gorgeous. She is unforgetable. She is a cheerleader. She goes on vacations a lot. She goes to Disney World, Cruises, and the beach all the time. She likes to take her friends places. she is a very good very and she can keep secrets well. She doesn't like to get left out. She tells the truth and does not beat around the bush. She is hard to get because she has been hurt to many times. if you get one you are very lucky they are good kissers. She is a bubbly person, and a must have friend. Get a Kennedy!
Did you see that gorgeous, bubbly person over there? Yeah, her name is kennedy.
by bethrox23 February 09, 2012

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