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the epidemic tendency to insert apostrophes where they do not belong
Eric has a bad case of apostrophitis- he keeps writing things like, "GREAT DEAL'S ON EVERYTHING" and "Available in 12 color's" and "He gave it back to it's owner".
by bethidee April 13, 2008
penis, male appendage, male genitalia
He got caught cheating? He shouldn't have been thinking with his little spitzer!
(popularized after former New York Governor Spitzer's sex scandal)
by bethidee March 14, 2008
Baptist (usually Southern Baptist) preacher or church member who continually uses the phrase "we jus' (just)" in public prayer.
I knew I was in a Wejus Baptist church when the preacher droned on and on: "Father, we jus' thank you for..." and "we jus' want to say"...and "we jus' praise you" and "we jus' ask your blessing"...
by bethidee March 08, 2008

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