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Abuse in the form of being squished by a fat guy.
You are being charged with an offence of first-degree obuse, by sitting your 250 pound body on a woman.
by beryl-was-here March 23, 2010
The process of bombing people with life sized half beryl-half pumpkin/jack'o'lantern grenades.
"Oh sh**, the Nazis are 'Beryl Bombing' London!"

"How can you tell?"

"Can't you see the crazy old ladies landing on everybody's' shoulders?"
by beryl-was-here March 23, 2010
Abuse in the form of Beryl being dropped on them.
What the fu**?!? There's a creepy grandma with huge glasses sitting on my shoulders! This is aberyl! I will sue!
by beryl-was-here March 23, 2010
A crazy old crackpot who usually shows up during math class.
Yo, man, I was in math yesterday, and this freaky looking old lady came in, knocked on my desk, gave me a creepy stare, then walked backwards out of the room. She waited outside the door for like 5 whole minutes, and then just left. She comes in like, every second math class. I heard her name was like, Beryl Woodsworth or something.
by beryl-was-here March 24, 2010
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