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a criddler is a very messed up tweeker meth-head. Like a tweeker who will steal your shit & then help you look for it. A criddler will steal your shit, help you look for it then try to sell it back to you forgetting it was yours. Criddlers lurk in yards & bushes looking to steal or cause something caught their eye (People not really there). They wear their hair in a bun w/scrunchie known as a TWEEKIN-BEACON. They carry everything they own (all of it stolen) at all times in backpacks & small bags so they can pack & repack endlessly as the mood strikes them & will follow anyone, anywhere & do anything if the guys got a bag of dope. A stack of used lotto scratch-its will keep them busy endlessly rescratching cause there must be a winner they missed.
The Criddler bag-bitch went for a walk to get some air. 6 hours later and only 1 block away from home she's in the neighbors back yard shopping in the bushes for SHINEY THINGS. She finds an electronic charger that just might work for the cell phone she "GOT" yesterday, or was it today? SHHHH I've got to criddle on the roof & get high cause there's people out ther I have to watch.
by berta look alike January 29, 2010
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