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the veins on a paynus
oh no my smeo burst!!!
by berny May 22, 2004
a second stomach that somebody was born with
i was born 10 months premature, so i have a thelly
by berny July 01, 2004
Verb (schpooled): to suck and blow simultaneously
Noun: a blow/suck job
jose reyes schpooled the mayor in the dugout
jose reyes gave the mayor a schpool in the dugout
by berny July 05, 2004
One who is as ugly as a boho
Damnit that kid is bohugly. It must be because of his huge thelly.
by berny December 20, 2004
Language believed to be dead but has been kept alive by a secret cult living deep under Topeka that hopes some day to stage a coup and put Latin back in its place.
Es meus parvus ludibrio.
by Berny April 01, 2004

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