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Regardless of the other definitions of the town of Ridgefield in Connecticut, it really isn't much different or worse than any other suburban town in the United States. Sure, we are probably wealthier than many other towns, but behavior and people wise, we're nothing out of the ordinary.

Ridgefield is a town in Connecticut's Fairfield County. There are six elementary schools, two middle schools, one high school, and two private schools. Ridgefield has some of the best public schools in the country. The main street has many small (and extremely pricey) boutiques. There is also a candy shop and a pizza shop, where most of the kids in the middle schools and high school hang out after school on Fridays because there isn't a whole lot to do here. There is also a park in town, which is a popular teen hang-out spot as well.

Sports play a big role in Ridgefield. The students do have a lot of school spirit, but what's wrong with that? Ridgefield High School has relatively high scores on standardized test as well. Yes, and there are also the kids who drink and smoke, but honestly, what town doesn't have kids like that? Wherever you go, teens will always be experimenting with drugs and alcohol. The cops, however, don't really have much to do, so they will punish you severely for relatively minor infractions of the law. And contrary to popular beliefs, the schools in Ridgefield aren't populated with only jocks and sluts. Sure, we have our fair share, but what school doesn't? There are also the sexually active kids, but not everyone loses their virginity at 14 or 15, like many people claim. And there are many people who make large salaries, but not everyone drives around in $70,000 cars and live in $4 million houses.

Ridgefield is just like any other wealthy suburban town. The people who have added other definitions of Ridgefield describing how terrible this town is obviously are just disgruntled and have had bad personal experiences here. That doesn't mean that the town itself is a bad place, it just means that they have gotten involved with people who have made negative influences in their lives. Ridgefield may be boring, but it's not the suckish hellhole that people have made it out to be.
Ridgefield is a wealthy town in Connecticut.
by bernie mac sliz April 13, 2009

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