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16 definitions by bernard bangwanger

A women fakes an orgasm, then tells her partner "Yeah, that was great."
After very efficient lovemaking, she told me I did a good job, but I could feel her sargasm as she was laying it on pretty thick.
by Bernard Bangwanger December 21, 2010
to delay time by pleasuring yourself.
Due to my night of procrasturbation, I didn't finish that spreadsheet
by Bernard Bangwanger April 15, 2010
When you vomit in your mouth and re-swallow the taco bell fourthmeal you just devoured.
John's fifthmeal did not go down as easily as his fourthmeal.
by Bernard Bangwanger January 09, 2011
1. When you first start to pleasure yourself and you can't decide which person you're going to think about during climax.
2. When a girl is at a sex toy shop and she can't decide which toy to buy.
Steve spends a long time masturdebating since he has such a large spank-bank.
Liz spent hours masturdebating over the wall of toys.
by Bernard Bangwanger December 29, 2010
to spend hours on the toilet pondering life
I had a gallon of cheese dip so I spent the rest of the evening in constiplation that great men crap alike.
by Bernard Bangwanger June 11, 2010
A term to describe consuming 160oz of beer. If you are drinking 32oz beers, the 5th one would make a bakers gallon.
After Boaz drank a bakers gallon of beer, he got another lap dance.
by Bernard Bangwanger November 06, 2004
a reference book pertaining to the mental reasoning and physical functions of an adult female person
There's nothing in the womanual about why women go to the bathroom in groups
by Bernard Bangwanger April 15, 2010