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Flabadabadoo is the first noticeable sympton of a F.U.P.A.. The girl will usually see a roll of fat beginning to form over her vagina area.
My girlfriend is getting Flabadabadoo.
by Berico Parachute October 19, 2006
a poopa troopa is the equivilent of a soldier (usually) gay, who scans for nice buttholes to have sex with in the shower most likely. there names are usually dylan derived from the creator of this belief, and hitler did it too.
'dat poopa troopa fucked up my ass, ill tell you that right now.'
by berico parachute October 06, 2006
A Pickle Weasel is a girl who leaves penis. She is a weasel who will do anything to get to it. Once she has your pickle (Penis), she will continue to come back every night for a few weeks, until she finds a new pickle to weasel.
Dude, this ridiculously hot girl I met is a pickle weasel. I've gotten with her like 7 times since last week.
by Berico Parachute October 13, 2006

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