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3 definitions by berg

1. term to describe that rare type of woman who delights in being a truly independent individual; often breaks conventions; intelligient; bold; personification of cool and classy

2. may come off as hard-edged or cold but passionate with men who deserve it

3. common characteristics: slender frame, powerful voice, untamed hair, fierce eyes
actress Katharine Hepburn
by berg May 26, 2005
n. a member of the female sex that blows bubbles from her vagina
Miss Kentucky's talent this evening is.. oh good Lord, she's a douche bubble!
by berg February 05, 2003
when you set a girl's pubes on fire and try to put it out by ejaculating on it
When I got out the matches and the lighter fluid, the bitch knew to fear the flaming mona.
by Berg April 02, 2003