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An umbrella term for every dildo in the sex shop, you are frequenting, that is bigger than your own penis.
CUSTOMER: "Excuse me sir, my girlfriend and I are after one of your finest dildos, but all we see is a wall full of dildon't s."

CLERK: "Terribly sorry sir, but have you considered perhaps that the problem may not lie at my end..?"
by benwithacapitalb January 06, 2012
Excluding gay men and female penis enthusiasts, this is widely considered the worst kind of threesome.
TONY: "ouch that hurts!"
PHIL: "shoot, sorry Tone I was aiming for Kathy"
GREG: "Kathy?....Kath?....wait...turn on the light for a second.......Gosh darn it! We've been going triwangular again."
by benwithacapitalb January 07, 2012

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