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5 definitions by benwastyxx

A hillbilly skank. A girl that lives in an old trailer in the Appalachia region of the United states. A country girl that smells bad due to lack of plumbing in her trailer.
hey man I just got Bekka Jane's phone number!" " be careful man, you know she is a skanktater" " damn really? well who cares, she can bathe at my house
by benwastyxx September 22, 2010
An extreme camel toe.
Hey dude, check out the jean eater on that chick! Right on, it looks like a hatchet wound!
by benwastyxx September 16, 2010
the white girlfriend of a mexican male
Hey is that(insert mexican male name here) with his new white girlfriend?
no man that's his caucarita ( insert white female name here). You know (insert mexican male name here) don't like the brown girls
by benwastyxx May 02, 2010
a really tall, ugly, scary looking, caucasion man.
" Dang look at Joe!, frickin mongoloid!,No man, he's a caucaloid"!
by benwastyxx April 19, 2011
When you have sex with a girl so big that you can't get your arms around her, you have to stand on a bucket and hold on to her shirt to make relations with her.
hey dude, check out that girl over there!" " Wow man! she is huge" " You know me, I like a big girl" " damn I reckon, you're gonna have to put her up in the bohomie man" " yeah I know, Ive got a bucket in my truck ready to go
by benwastyxx September 22, 2010