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A person that is very adept at the art of coolness.

*Note* (this attibute also goes hand in hand with being nonchalant)
Man, Evan is a Slick Rick! He's going out with two girls, even though they are next-door neighbours!!
by Bent Himself August 06, 2003
To any unsuspecting person who does not attend NKEC it's just a sub with meatballs, tomato sauce and melted chesse.
But to anyone who does attend NKEC, it is the holy grail of food at the low budget cafeteria. It is a "crusty on the outside, tender and soft on the inside" sub stuffed full with scruptious meatballs, overflowing with delicious tomato sauce and it is all held together with the perfect amount of motza cheese.
On every third thursday of every month you can by this treat and get a small slushy and chips for a meazly $3.25!!!
Jeff! I'll trade you my first born child for that heavenly looking meatball sub!!
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
The act of giving head, sucking cock, or giving a BJ.
Man, Zybot is pretty good at playing the flute. But she is all teeth at the flesh flute.
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003

*Note* (Usually used when refering to briefs)
Greg's under-roos are to skidmarks as canvas is to paint.
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
Shortened version of "Not Too Much"
Andrew:"What you sayin'?"
Me:"Oh ntm, just did a gap on my moped..."
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
The shortened version of "hook"

"Hook" as in "off the hook"

*note* (only used in conjunction with -
dope off the ________!)
Damn, this Chester Fried Chicken is dope off the hizane!!
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
Messing with something that someone else doesn't want you to mess with
Hey, Ruel! That's my meatball sub, don't be creepin' on it!
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
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