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"Yukari" is a term used to describe a slut of East Asian origins. Generally, a yukari is the type of female who will give a strange man a blow job when he drops her off only hours after making his acquaintence. She will most likely cheat on her boyfriend, and though mind games tend to be beyond the capabilities of a yukari's small brain, stupidity and selfishness can be mistaken for higher intelligence. The type of girl who is STD-ridden, and craves sex so much that she will spend hours humping her own hand without it. A yukari can also refer to a particularly busted girl that a guy may drunkenly hook up with, only to regret it once his beer goggles have cleared. This breed of female can be identified by her skanky behavior, a bad Asian-blonde dye job, and she is typically on the chunky side because of the copious amounts of beer she downs while luring in her unfortunate victims.
Dude, that chick I hooked up with last night was a total yukari. Damn she was ugly, but she just couldn't get enough of my cock. That's what double-bagging's for, man!
by bens3446 August 02, 2007

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