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Catching two cards in a row to make a particular hand.
Bruce Lee: Mr. T made the backdoor flush and won 3 million dollars.
Jose Contreras: He was probably pitying his opponents harder than he's ever pitied anyone before.
by benny b from the bronx February 21, 2005
an extremely angry, aggressive male homosexual
these guys completely contradict gay stereotypes.. they arent sissys, in fact they wont hesitate to pound your ass (take that as you may)
furious flamingos are extremely sexually active and if they cant find a guy that meets their tastes they will fuck a woman if necessary to satisfy their disturbingly extreme sexual lust
furious flamingos scare me, not because i am homophobic, but because i'm afraid they're going to destroy me in a furious rage.
jose contreras: shit! that furious flamingo just kicked my ass for cursing out his boyfriend!
bruce lee: you're a pussy.
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
when one "causes a forest fire" that refers to the action of setting a females pubic hairs on fire
this act should be restricted to only being used on bitches; remotely respectable girls do not deserve that much pain and suffering... but bitches definitely do
the custom is to light a forest fire after sex by subtly dropping a flammable liquid above the vaginal area by the pubic hairs and placing a match to that same area.
do NOT use gasoline! thats simply too hardcore.
one alternative method to cause the forest fire, as proposed by Señor Berger, consists of taking a fuse from a firework, "accidentally" dropping it one the pubes and proceeding to inconspicuously light it.
Jose Contreras: I caused a muthafuckin forest fire on that bitch!
Bruce Lee: jesus! that is hardcore.
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
the mysterious bus that whisks away all the ugly people from the bar and replaces them with their beautiful cousins; usually arrives after your tenth drink.
Jose Contreras: Wow, where did all these aesthetically gifted women come from?
Bruce Lee: I assume the fugly bus came by a few drinks ago.
Jose Contreras: Shit... well, fuck it.
by benny b from the bronx August 17, 2007
used as a prefix to someone's given name to connotate respect and good standing
sort of like "my dear friend," but more rapistadorian and germanic

originated by the world-renowned mastertrician Angus MacBruce... Mr. MacBruce has received a degree in the masterly arts (including masterism, masterology, masterography, mastiophonics, and others)
Bruce Lee: johan ludwig von jose, i connote respect and good standing to your name and family and admire your flamboyant pants.
JC gives BL a look of inspiration...
Jose Contreras: I thank you kind sir!
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
1. unrelenting ruthlessness and rage; pure intensity and determination, mixed with anger; a feeling commonly felt by a badass
2. a statement demonstrating one's immeasurable, and at times entirely random, anger
1. The fury that Ray Lewis exuded in his bone-crushing tackle on Kellen Winslow was so palpable that the majority of the stadium was left in everlasting fear.
Jose Contreras: whats up man?
Bruce Lee: FURY!!
Jose Contreras: good point.
by benny b from the bronx October 21, 2004
n. the inability to remember what happened while drinking the night before
Bruce Lee: Man, I can't remember shit from that night
Jose Contreras: Early case of alcoheimers
by benny b from the bronx May 10, 2006

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