39 definitions by benny

An overwhelming sense of coolness and/or respect from you mates/peers
My friend gave me a sense of BennyS when he complimented me on my cool accent.
by Benny March 08, 2005
After affect of nose sex
Man 1: I filled my girlfriend wit nasal gravy last night
Man 2: You jew loving kinky dawg
by Benny December 23, 2004
A mythical breed of cannibal moose, found only in the wild wilderness of Tasmania
The Atkabuk roared out of the forest with a loud cry of "Flibblestibblestank!"
by Benny June 26, 2004
It comes from the language of Jeremy. It is a person who carries a trolley and calls people's freindship groups "CRONIES"
go in you cunhole!
by benny June 10, 2004
a person who only has sexual relations with women that have birthed offspring.
wait, didn't she just have a kid like a month ago? you mother f'er...
by Benny March 29, 2004
A response to answer any question that you didn't hear, didn't like, or didn't give a fuck about. Can be easily replaced with "nine." Can also be used to describe anything or anyone. "Nine" is the true answer to any numerical question.
Question: Did you get the laundry done?
Answer: niner

Question: How many cells make up the haman body?
Answer: nine
by benny February 17, 2004
extremely cold
Yo, ike, i busted out of house and started chasing him but it was issel as a mug and i ran beck in.
by Benny May 02, 2003

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