2 definitions by benjiism

An exceptionally disgusting female. Mostly likely fat, but excessively ugly. Will put out if given the chance, but will act superior (in self defense) if insulted.
Nothin' but slogathor's here tonight dude, guess we're just not getting laid tonight.
by benjiism September 29, 2010
FBF (Fat Bitch Friday):

The only time it is acceptable to drunkenly go home with, or allow a drunken friend go home with, a fat chick. It is only acceptable on a Friday after a drunken night of striking out with decent chicks and only acceptable between 11pm and 3 am on said Friday night/early Sat morning. Failure of abiding by these rules is a breach on man code and the violator willfully subjugates himself to a minimum of 3 1/2 weeks of being ridiculed and may also be kicked in the balls or have his man card taken away until he proves himself worthy once more to hold it.
Dude, it's not FBF, stop talking to that fat skank!
by benjiism September 29, 2010

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