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5 definitions by benji haynes

those who munch on the officially monging and socially retarded
stop slobbering on my jacket you fuking retarded mong muncher
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
13 5
this is where one attempts to screw a mother
urgh i saw that kid down the road MUMING his own mum it was filth
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
3 1
short for gay arab- refers to those who are gay and are arabic at the same time, this includes those with ak 47's and other such sub standard weaponary.

gay is not just homosexual but could also mean batty annoying cuntish or just generally gay in the sense : oh my god your so gay
your mother is such a garab of the highest standard
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
10 8
the amount of weights or tomatoes you can sustain strapped to your penis giving you a good idea of your girth
my girth is immense i can take 20 g on it


my girth is awesome i can sustain 20 cherry toms
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
8 10
when a pleb blonde or tit comes out with a phrase or term that is truly batty and requires punishment for such twattery
wot the fuk are you talking about....INSOLENCE


you fuking insolent fools
by benji haynes May 31, 2005
9 34