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A combination of crazy and weird.
You met this girl once and she's been calling you 8 times a day ever since?! Dude, that's wazy.
by benji g October 23, 2006
1) Totally insane.
2) Rushed or hurried. Busy.
3) Out of control.
1) Yo, that girl from last night won't stop calling me!! She's nuts as balls!
2) We had this huge shipment come in late last night and had to get everything moved in before our shift ended... It was nuts as balls!
3) My brakes went out on the way over here... It was nuts as balls!
by Benji G October 18, 2006
A variation of the pistol whip, the Goldsmith whip involves placing a .9mm pistol in a tube sock and bashing someone in the head, typically from behind.
Shut up foo' or I'll Goldsmith whip yo ass.
by Benji G March 13, 2007

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