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A word employed while spelling through any method or manner of textual communication. Its usage applies to individual(s) regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

It is succinctly defined to encompass anyone who prefers giving total sexual pleasure, including orgasm, to another by only being fucked in the facial orifice of just their mouth.

Can also be reversed to textually indicate, to another, the anonymous name of those person(s) who prefers fucking only in the mouth.
Shit! Phacephucker just walked by. The meat is good, but no regular fucking.

Boyfriend said I'm not supposed to fuck anyone but him. Fine with me, wish he had told me that before I met up with phacephucker.

You girls going to meet up with phacephucker? I am (licking lips).

Hey, Larry and Susan are having a party at their house, only phacephuckers will be there.
by benignlylauxes August 16, 2012
A 3 letter acronym use in texts or on various personal ads referring to one male, who's receiving oral sex, is also holding and playing with another male's cock and genitalia thereby jacking him off (results in greater sexual pleasure to both partners or individuals).
Ad under m4m, t4m, mw4m or mw4mw can read in part: Love to give oral sex with my warm, wet lips, HMU accepted but not required.

Red: "Hey Bob, did you hear, Jim got a blowjob from Sally's husband and was told to HMU during."
Bob: "You're kidding Red, did he do it?"
Red: "From what I heard he did, got so turned on, ended up jacking him off."
Bob: "lol"
by benignlylauxes September 14, 2014

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