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Full of or characterized by energy and high spirits or lively is the right definition of peppy.
I'm really peppy for tonight, I hope everybody has as much fun as I'm having now.
by beniben November 24, 2009
1. Pornkies are cookies that are so good that you can reach a certain type of orgasm while eating them. They are to be taking seriously or they can get you in embarrassing moments.

2. Pornkies is also a type of pastry that represents sexual objects or situations. These are cookies that you can fap to while eating them. They can be used for special occasions or just for a lonely night.
1. Dude, I just came while eating these cookies what's wrong with me?
It's alright, those are pornkies they are supposed to make you feel that way. That's how good they are.

2. I don't get it why your mom sends pornkies in your lunch, aren't those a little explicit? Though, they are quite deliciously sexy looking.
by beniben November 23, 2009

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