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A Hay Ride is a form of foreplay where two people about to mate take matchbox cars and drive them through the hairs of their lovers nether regions aka pubes. While the cars are being pushed it is courteous to make automobile sounds such as 'put, put, put' or 'vroooom!' This is also a form of foreplay that can be enjoyed simultaneously by both parties, but only experienced hay riders should attempt a 69 hay ride.
I began to chafe after the hay ride wes was giving me became to forceful. I had to give him the hornet to make him stop.
by bendo383 November 05, 2009
When a male gets an erection and attaches a needle to the end of his penis either by tape or some type of paste and uses it as a 'stinger' to ward off unwanted sexual advances. The plural is called a hornets nest which is when a group of men get together in the name of sport and literally have cock fights. The first hornet stinger to draw blood is the winner.
While i was bent over picking up my towel after a shower wes came rushing up behind me naked. I quickly turned and gave him the hornet.
by bendo383 November 05, 2009

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