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2 definitions by benben88

A sacred word closely guarded by the Knights who Say "Nee." The word brings fear to all who hears it and leaves them trembling in fear on the ground. After hearing the word "Nee" the knights will send out on a quest such as doing their laundry or fetching them shrubbery.
We are the nights who say "Nee" Fetch me some Shrubbery
by benben88 June 30, 2010
14 8
A compound of High school and wife. A couple in high school who have been dating for over a year and a half. The whife is the female in the relationship. This couple do everything together and are more or less married. The whife is often the dominant partner in the relationship.
James and Amanda have been dating for like, 3 years!!
She is his Whife.
Poor guy.
by benben88 June 30, 2010
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