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4 definitions by ben w

A quality phone tracing website.
Random: Have you seen phonetrace.org?
2bad : Yeah, I go to it all the time.
by Ben W October 19, 2007
96 53
A factory where gaypies are manufactured.
I work at the gayery.
by Ben W October 21, 2004
23 7
The pimp guy on San Andreas says it to you. It's the Italian word for goodbye.
Jizzy: Excuse me, partner, I got a call coming in. Arrivederci.
CJ: Yeah, whatever you say. Bye
by Ben W January 03, 2005
18 15
slang joint term for what-a-gay. meaning that whatever someone has just done has made them look gay and hence

if someone falls off their bike and is hurt but you still want to take the piss shout "waddagay"
by ben w July 07, 2004
2 4