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1 definition by ben slow

A super hero who's super power is knowing all about cars. He even likes to drive them. His arch nemesis is motorcycle man. By day he runs errands for his mom but by night he is...The Car Guy. If you think you've driven more miles than him, think again. If you think you're a better driver than him, think again. If you think he can't jerk off to an image or video of a car or cars, think again. If you think his alter ego currently works at Macy's, keep thinking.

Most importantly is Car Guy's equivalent to Lois Lane. Her name is Cat and she is one hot pussy. Though Cat does not know Car Guy's real identity, her and Car Guy have made whoopee many a times.
After running errands for his mom all day, Car Guy and Cat lived the movie fast and furious tokyo drift

When motorcycle man sabotaged the town, Car Guy came and informed him he was going to call the cops on him. Thus saving the world once again

Car Guy has driven further than Mike.

Car Guy has driven very Far Guy.

"You don't understand! I'm the Car Guy!" - Car Guy
by ben slow June 14, 2012