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big hairy mole...like the one on the side of becks face haha
*luks at beck* wot the fuk? theres a jungle growin out ur face m8!
by ben doyle March 25, 2005
ugly little monster like thing
wardley the random hero
by ben doyle February 18, 2005
Wise wise words of a tommy harris lukalike....aint got a clue wot it means tho! wot a gr8 chum!
(luks at glass) .....gammoth!!! gammoth?!?!?!?! wot the fuk is gammoth!!
by ben doyle March 18, 2005
evil organisation, co founded by ben and smelly joe....but smelly joe is a traitor! and made up `bolik` ...tom is an evil henchman for both
Join borick!..borick will rule u all
by ben doyle March 27, 2005
the word scrumble means sweaty pits!
when someone has sweat patches under their armpits. you say they've got "scrumble".
by ben doyle February 17, 2005
The word `squeg` was invented by me...yes im great!! it means a person who turns into a vegatable...who smells...and for sexual pleasure
joe smelly kelly!!!!
by ben doyle February 18, 2005
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