84 definitions by ben dover

Bad and wrong, adj. Bad/wrong..aweful
Billy's erectile disfunction put him in a situation of ba-dong feelings and pipe dreams.
by Ben Dover January 25, 2003
Big, or realy big. Being characterized by bigness. adj.
Shit! That dumper bitch just flicked me off.
by Ben Dover December 31, 2003
Something required for me to take on a daily basis so I can put up with some people that deserve to be choked.
2- anti pyschotic medication
When I decided to run the asshole off the road and did so successfully, I had just remembered that I forgot to take my pill the night before.
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003

Similar to tea bitch
"Kyle - clean the kitchen you kitchen b*tch!"
by Ben Dover March 15, 2004
like peach fuzz but on your ass
"bum fluff is not real facial hair.
do not try and grow a beard of bum fluff"
by ben dover March 24, 2003
Definition; person you like to use and abuse to will of your own.
That girl is such a fucktart, shes been round every day in the chinese calender.
by Ben Dover February 03, 2003
something to say after getting a girl up the ass
I guy is pumping a girl in the ass but she says stop cuz she cant handle the dick so he said " Got'Em!"
by Ben Dover May 23, 2003

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