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84 definitions by ben dover

An item to play badmenton.
John hit the birdy out of the court
by Ben Dover December 24, 2003
n. Term used to describe a person, usually a girl, that tends to wear revealing clothes.
Angela Reese is a Skankasaurus
by Ben Dover November 12, 2004
sarcastic ok..
"righteo buddy"
by Ben Dover July 26, 2003
i am a cock smocking hacker. i like to suck the biggest dick which i can find (no not u Page yours is to small) and i cheat online and i lie and i suck and i cant diol and i 101/25000 and i am gay and i yer..
omg omg omg wuddup i cant diol, i can only 101/25000 online and i like to cheat on GA CS DM cuz im real cool and i like to lie.
by Ben Dover December 08, 2004
meaning biaccchh!!!!!!
wack ass tigglebiddy!!!!
by Ben Dover November 14, 2003
A penis which is sadly enough fatter than it is long and yes that is with a f not a ph so if you have a chode look forward to dying a virgin
guy 1:Dude you have a chode
guy 2: yeah man 7 inches by 5 inches
guy 1:man that sucks aint no chick want that shrivley shit in her poon, you gonna die a virgin man
guy 2:(shoots himself in the head)
by ben dover June 04, 2004
a tall gangly male who resembles death and always listens to music that makes you want to kill yourself. Watch out he is coming after you, fucking creapy ass kid
Fucking Creapy Death, he sneaks up on you like a cathloic priest sneaks up on adolescent boys
by Ben Dover November 19, 2003