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n. Term used to describe a person, usually a girl, that tends to wear revealing clothes.
Angela Reese is a Skankasaurus
by Ben Dover November 12, 2004
sarcastic ok..
"righteo buddy"
by Ben Dover July 26, 2003
i am a cock smocking hacker. i like to suck the biggest dick which i can find (no not u Page yours is to small) and i cheat online and i lie and i suck and i cant diol and i 101/25000 and i am gay and i yer..
omg omg omg wuddup i cant diol, i can only 101/25000 online and i like to cheat on GA CS DM cuz im real cool and i like to lie.
by Ben Dover December 08, 2004
1. Someone who doesn't think before speaking. ie- unintelligent

2. A closed minded- ignorant, bigoted,prejudist, anti-cultural,intolerant or homophobic individual who usually has drowned his/her brain with alcohol.
3- a conservative with a fascist twist.
The hick saw the two men holding hands and yelled at them- then, the pea-brain drove into the ditch for not watching where he was going. Karma is such a bitch sometimes!
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003
A penis which is sadly enough fatter than it is long and yes that is with a f not a ph so if you have a chode look forward to dying a virgin
guy 1:Dude you have a chode
guy 2: yeah man 7 inches by 5 inches
guy 1:man that sucks aint no chick want that shrivley shit in her poon, you gonna die a virgin man
guy 2:(shoots himself in the head)
by ben dover June 04, 2004
meaning biaccchh!!!!!!
wack ass tigglebiddy!!!!
by Ben Dover November 14, 2003
Bad and wrong, adj. Bad/wrong..aweful
Billy's erectile disfunction put him in a situation of ba-dong feelings and pipe dreams.
by Ben Dover January 25, 2003

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