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84 definitions by ben dover

1. Someone who doesn't think before speaking. ie- unintelligent

2. A closed minded- ignorant, bigoted,prejudist, anti-cultural,intolerant or homophobic individual who usually has drowned his/her brain with alcohol.
3- a conservative with a fascist twist.
The hick saw the two men holding hands and yelled at them- then, the pea-brain drove into the ditch for not watching where he was going. Karma is such a bitch sometimes!
by Ben Dover November 10, 2003
sumthing that went bad
that was an uber kafufle
by ben dover March 24, 2003
when a guy is taking a piss and shits on himself because he is too lazy to sit down and do the deed
The slimy mess from when Brian Richardted on himself kept him from getting laid for two years.
by ben dover January 08, 2005
A technique used to fuck a large farm animal in a cleared field.
After looking into No. 29's big brown eyes I knew I would have to take her out of the barn and stumpfuck her.
by Ben Dover October 19, 2004
an insult / slang for niggar
Those fucking nahors think they're all hard but they're really pussies.
by Ben Dover December 14, 2003
Martin Barker
Teeth hangin down to his nuts
by Ben Dover July 17, 2003
What retards say when they get too old to rap. Utilized by the Boys, Beasties.
Put Armor All up on your tire. Sport that fressssssh attire.

I am an asshole.
by Ben Dover June 29, 2004