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someone who H/U's with Jak me off bowski
you know what it is
by Ben Dover February 13, 2003
More addicting that crack, and a place for ugly teenagers to masturbate.
No girl's like me in my real life Ill buy this game and talk shit.And hit on girls and say Im a model, but in real I couldnt get laid in a morgue.
by Ben Dover August 11, 2003
"butt mess" - need i say more?
EEGADS-Someone didn't flush their BM at the Mall restroom!!!!!!
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003
anybody popular and dosent even know what it actually means!!
hi i am a popular chick iyou are such a poser because you dont hang out with us hahaha...
by ben dover March 15, 2003
one boob only
My lover licked my left tata
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003
1. Money Sucking Nazi. Virus prone piece of crap used by all the dumb asses in the world.

2. Many Shitty Nights. Many shitty nights of cleaning up viruses because people are too goddamm stupid. They see an attached file called "This-is-a-virus.exe" and say "Duh, should I click on it?".
MSN sucks crap and is more virus prone than an AIDS victim in Africa, but other than that it is ok.
by Ben Dover April 22, 2005
your mommma
your momma
by ben dover October 08, 2003
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