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The University of Washington aka the best college on the planet. Home of the Huskies . Future bosses of Wazzu grads. If you see someone sportin purple and gold they're probably smarter, sexier, and better than you.
"That Wazzu grad is baggin that UW grad's groceries. Haha, loser."
by Ben Davis March 10, 2005
The law states that; If anything can possibly go wrong, it will.
It's sods law that the car would break down on today of all days.

See Murphy’s Law
by Ben Davis September 30, 2003
Basically the phrase that embodies Wazzu's (Washington State) student population as a whole. Comes from their mascot: The cougar. It can mean anything from chokin during a sporting event (most likely) or can be used in a broad sense in that the Wazzu student is just being his/herself aka unintelligent ass-wipe.
"UW just beat Wazzu again for the Apple Cup. Haha, those morons are cougin it again."
by Ben Davis March 10, 2005
The old Waynes World Joke. Has to be said quickly.
Cream of some young guy.
Have you ever had the creamofsumyungguy?
by Ben Davis September 30, 2003
A girl who dresses or looks like a man.
Also see Mushmalt
Shes a right geezer bird
by Ben Davis November 06, 2003
A mushmalt is a girl who either looks or dresses like a man. Also see geezer bird
Err shes a right mushmalt.
by Ben Davis November 06, 2003
A fabulous neighborhood in Seattle with a great environment and a famed basketball court. Also, a drink created my Ben Davis using 5 part green powerade and 1 part vodka.
"Hey, let's go to Greenlake, it's such a great area" or "Gimme another Greenlake, dem things are so good!"
by Ben Davis October 05, 2005

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