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84 definitions by ben dover

The biggest and best team in the history of football. They have won 28 Spanish titles and 7 European cups. They are also the richest club in the world, perhaps with the exception of Chelsea
Real Madrid are a great club!
by Ben Dover February 28, 2005
when u get kneed, kicked, punched, wacked, etc... in the nutts
jason got nut checked by tessa 4 being gay by liking slumpers slumper
by ben dover October 03, 2004
1. flaccid

2. a way of walking after being boofed
1. Being limp doesn't matter if your the bitch anyway!

2. You'd limp too if you took on all 10 inches at once!!
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003
A Humm and a Buff is a blow job.
She gave me a Hum and a Buff with a screamer and swallowed the evidence.
by Ben Dover October 20, 2004
To sneak into some person's garage and steal any and everything alcoholic, usually out of a refridgerator.
I need a drink, let's go fridgerape the Sphincter's house.
by Ben Dover March 19, 2004
the enjoyment of sleeping with one's own underwear inside their mouth
by ben dover May 15, 2003
1. One who lies, such as Republicans.

2. AKA Politicians.

3. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Anne Coulter.
Who isn't a liar? I keep trying to think of someone.
by Ben Dover April 22, 2005