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geeze cant we all just get along . you like halo 2 . you like half life 2 . thier both video games not weapons of mass destruction.
wanna play halo life 3
by ben dover April 13, 2005
The biggest and best team in the history of football. They have won 28 Spanish titles and 7 European cups. They are also the richest club in the world, perhaps with the exception of Chelsea
Real Madrid are a great club!
by Ben Dover February 28, 2005
One who is white but acts of the african american street culture and recieves verbal beatings from others who have no respect for this person because of the continuous acts of ignorance and desperation to become a race they are not.
Nic Tyler is a wigger, I hate him because he acts black but isn't.
by Ben Dover December 29, 2003
best punk band ever
thats all i need to say
nofx is the shit
by ben dover September 28, 2003
a device used by a donnachie to provide sexual pleasure to his watt
oh mike, i dont want to appear soft in front of you, can i shove my truncheon up your arse?
by ben dover July 04, 2004
Da illest music ever written by Outkast
I use to sell dope but in 1994 I made the southernplayalisticcadilacmuzic
by Ben Dover October 30, 2003
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