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2 definitions by bella birdman

1. A small country town in regional NSW.
2. The act of pulling down the pants of a large, fat man, the climax of which is yelling, "you got DUBBOED!"
3. Any one of two short, hot like arson girls who have a habit of attacting young looking males.
"You got dubboed, fat man!"
by bella birdman August 23, 2006
Noun: A person who looks like a bird.
Verb: making "ca-CRAW" sounds in quiet social situations, making the moment as awkward for other participants as humanly possible.
Adjective: A hobo who amuses him/herself by making bird noises in time to the music of street buskers.
Adjective: A girl who enjoys thai food, crawing at strangers, and dressing like a highlighter.
"That hobo is a real birdman"
by bella birdman August 23, 2006