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10 definitions by bell

commercial marijuana, not of the highest quality, usually containing seeds and stems
is that nug or mersh?
by bell September 04, 2003
Glaswegian post rock band that create beautiful and epic masterpieces of music using to name a few, guitars, syth's, vocoders and flutes. Some tracks can go on for over 20 minutes, and are ideal to indulge in lying on your sofa relaxing or falling asleep to or being literally blown away by the noise of at a gig.
mogwai play post rock and have written songs including mogwai fear satan, my father my king and sine wave.
by bell January 01, 2005
a truly amazing band, need i say more
"dude i saw HIM live last nite they fucking ROCK!"
by bell March 07, 2005
Uncommon English name for the European Green Woodpecker, immatative of it's laugh-like call (technically urban, you get them in green areas of town)
by Bell July 26, 2003
hello i'm Jude Law, also known as David Law
by bell January 01, 2005
Ransid toilet durge. Often the consequence of 2 or more pints of Guiness. A form of crusted shit stain that lies witness to the previous passing log, often on the right side of the pan. Has been known to even 'splashback' to the rim block, but this is only possible with uncanny skill. Most often left for all flatmates to admire in full glory.
Fuck me, i cant even shift that with an elephant piss.
by Bell April 27, 2004
REALLY messed up.
Some bitch rear ended me last night and funkdafied my ride.
by bell June 29, 2003