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A completely different game then beer pong, beirut is played with two doubles teams, in which two seperate stacks of 6 cups are set up in pyramid formation and filled with two beers per stack. Each player shoots once using a longneck bottle cap (not folded, contrary to popular belief), and if both players make their respective cups in the same turn, then they get to shoot again. After the teams cups are down to six total, the team must "re-rack" or consolidate all of their cups onto the side of the other team's chosing. Depending on house rules, if one team completes the game before the other team can re-rack then a naked run or some other equivelent might be in order.
I was not on top of my game last night... I lost at beirut before I could re-rack and had to do a naked run around my house.
by beirut queen May 11, 2005
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