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Originating in north-eastern Ohio, woohio is a form of the sex position 69 where on partner is doing a handstand while preforming. Sourrounding the couple is about 6 midgets listening to james taylor while masturbating with peanut butter and marshmellow fluff.
that was a crazy party last night, did you see the couple woohioing?
by beef rockmore October 16, 2010
One who is very bro-like, and is likely to be called so by his frat brothers. It originally comes from combining "Gohan" and the term "Bro". A Brohan probably thinks he is tough like a "super saiyan" There is most likely a Brohan in your nearest chapter of sigma chi.

See also: Bro-licious
Bro 1: Hey have you met Ted?
Bro 2: WTF is Ted? You mean Brohan!
by Beef Rockmore January 23, 2011

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