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A traditonally African-American portmanteau for "Mother Dear," and, more famously, an alias of Mabel Simmons, a fictional character created by Tyler Perry who, although she is an elderly grandmother, carries at least five guns in her black handbag at all times, smokes copius amounts of marijuana, and causes bodily harm to/murders people when they upset her. Her most notable catch phrase is "I ain't afraid of the po-po!" Can also be used in the phrase "to go Madea on" to mean "to go off on/violently attack."
Gabriel will go all "madea" on you're ass if for some reason you have conversations about his ex with a soon to be ex after a symphony concert whilst eating wings. Once taken to the nearest gay watering hole, "madea" will continue to be enacted, especially when one has his "ho phone" on the bar counter.
#subliminalkid920 #drunken fits #crazy betches #ghey #be cautious
by beeckm April 29, 2010
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