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(Yorkshire slang, specific to Leeds)
If a young woman dances like a complete hoebag, in order to capture the attention of young men.
I'm bored, let's clark it up a bit!

Look at that lass over there clarking it up! She's gagging for it!
by bedknobsandbroomsticks November 27, 2008
To pull a Sabby: Slang phrase, specific to Nottingham. To become too drunk and incapacitated during a pre-lash to actually make it out of your house / university hall.

Reasons for such an event include:
1. Projectile vomiting
2. Unconsciousness
3. Hysteria
'Mate, I was so drunk last night I passed out before 9! I full on pulled a Sabby!'

'I feel like pulling a Sabby tonight!'
by bedknobsandbroomsticks March 09, 2009

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