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Acronym for "Alien I'd Like to Fuck".
A crucial staple of Science Fiction, rendering it watchable.
Pronounced "alf", but not to be confused with the puppet from the 1980s TV show, who is not an example of an AILF.
Examples of an "AILF":
The chick Steve Guttenberg does (in an alien sort of way) in "Cocoon".
Natasha Henstridge is "Species".
"Orion slave girl" (the green chick) in "Star Trek".
by beckynot July 14, 2013
A strong desire to engage in sexual activity rather than completing school or work assignments, paying bills, returning calls and/or emails, cleaning, running necessary errands or engaging in tasks considered productive.

A subtle form of self hypnosis: more or less a psychological feint where the libido manages to supercede the ability to complete any pending tasks or responsibilities.
"Damn erotic procrastination! Was it possible getting laid had interfered with his ability to complete his thesis?"

"Erotic procrastination was behind her waking up in a strange bed and having to file a tax extension."

"Let's engage in erotic procrastination; your parents won't mind if we're a little late."
by beckynot October 31, 2013

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