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when a guy makes you think he loves you, fucks you, and then doesnt talk to you.
"fuck me...i got so played"
by beck June 08, 2004
awesome christian rock band. in 1995 they released "no doubt" with a hint of 80's flay-vor. its hott stuff.
petra rocks my socks dude!
by beck September 01, 2003
what my boyfriend calls his tasty cum
He shot loads of whore mayonaise down my waiting throat
by beck March 21, 2004
A bastardization of the "waffle house" name.
"All my crew work at the Waffle Hizzy."
by Beck May 03, 2003
nickname for a guy named "kirk".
hye kirkles, how is ya?
by beck March 20, 2005
kids who genetically are going to have trouble changing who they are because they act just like their mom.
come on nah, you's betta grow up or you's gonna be jus' like yo' momma!
by beck September 01, 2003
aka w.o.w. your mom upside down with periods in between
1: you play wow too much (to 2)
2: your mom plays too much wow
3: yea with periods inbetween (to 1)
by beck March 21, 2005
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