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Trent Reznor is in the "band" Nine Inch Nails,even though its just him.
Yes,he may not have released a whole lot of albums in the long space of time he has been a recording artist,but the ones that have been released have been fecking AWESOME & electrifying.So quit calling him a lazy bastard.
His lyrics are so insightful,and beautiful.Through his lyrics,he has saved my life twice.
He has revolutionised music,not just electronic music,but music as a whole.
He is awesome
See god,genius and beautiful for more definitions of Trent Reznor
by Beccah April 11, 2006
mcrmy-a "army" of overly obsessed my chemical romance fans who stupidly think that spelling way with an asterisk,as in w*y,is clever,and that looking exactly like mcr is good.also treat band members birthdays like feast days and are mostly 13 year old girls.
" WTFrank im w*y annoyed the mcrmy parade is cancelled!!"
in english- what the f***,im way annoyed,the fan club walk along the street in the rain is cancelled!!"
by beccah January 21, 2007
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