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Spanish phrase that means "I'm your father".


Says the legend that this phrase was created in the film Star Wars.

It's commonly used to express power over somebody. Also said to imply that you own somebody. Usually said when you are trying to screw somebody, in a joking way. Can also be used to refer a third person.
A: Thanks for helping me out.
B: No problem, I'm your father (soy tu padre), anytime son.
A: Hey son, bring me my coffee! I'm your father (soy tu padre)!
A: That guy really loves you mate. He does everything you ask!
B: Well... I'm his father (soy su padre).
#soy tu parde #padre #owning #i'm your father #father
by bebo p July 22, 2011
1. A city in the middle of the dessert.
2. Can also be used as an answer to mean "well, what about you?" It's commonly said "well, Yuma isn't that far" Because of the similar pronounce to the word "you". Pronounced as You-ma. Mainly used as a counter when somebody is saying or criticizing something he lacks or has.
A: Dude, that bastard is so homosexual.
B: Dude, Yuma isn't that far.
A: damn, I'm not gay!
A: Damn, that guy is so Geek... he likes Naruto!
B: Hey mate! What about Yuma?
A: yeah you are right, I like Naruto too.
B: Well... soy tu padre (I'm your father)
A: lol, you win
#tucson #you #yuo #iuma #yuam
by bebo p July 22, 2011
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