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a person who displays uncool, grovelling, embarassing, obsessive, inappropriate, or presumptuous behaviour in a way that oversteps boundaries or protocol, without realising that they're out of line.
"I was personal training a client at the gym, and a trainer from the competition barged right up and gave my client his card. What a gurm!"

"My studio has this gurm, this girl who did demos months ago, and keeps ringing up all the time to have a coffee or just turns up to 'hang out' and won't leave!"

"It's called a jam night, but it's pretty much invitation only, pretty high end, like if you're good and the guys who run it know you. But there's this gurm who turns up every week with his guitar, he hasn't figured out they're never gonna let him play."

"I thought he was nice at first and could become a friend, but he pestered me night and day and basically became a total gurm."

"We were having drinks with a visiting rock star, his band, and the record label, and even a supermodel. It was all very inner circle, no fans, no press, swanky hotel. I invited a friend as a date who was a huge fan, big mistake! He was such a gurm he went up and cornered the rockstar and asked for a photo even though we begged him not to, nobody else was, and the hotel staff stopped him anyway! It was totally inappropriate, and a bit embarassing as after that the rock star didn't make eye-contact with us and literally avoided us when he left. "
by bebe-doll April 15, 2007

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