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a bean is one's clitoris, and flicking is when you thump something with your fingers, but not quite a thump because that would hurt.

basically exactly like it sounds....but masterbating
so last night i was watching this porno called "Flick Your Bean" and the girl was so hot, and then she started to flick her little man in the boat and i lost it. it was amazing.
by beaukoble August 28, 2008
a bean is one's clitoris
a pouch is a bag that closes with a flap

so....yeah. a vagina, or a bag full of clits
dude! shut your bean pouch! i can smell it from here!

(gag noise)
by beaukoble August 28, 2008
somebody who hates on vaginas, or those in posession of said genitalia.

sometimes referring to gay men
dude! that chick was hot! why do you gotta be such a vag-hater??
by beaukoble August 28, 2008

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