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regular reebok classics with g-unit on the side
hey since im a wigger, i get g-unit shoes
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
A really really good movie by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.
ohh get closer
kafilta fish
"i always dreamed to square garden"
by beau h ligmen March 23, 2004
shoes that you can buy in payless for 19.99
it has the special stitching that says SHAQ on it.
-yo homey G thas some madd ghetto g-unit shoes you got thurr

-thanks g dawg. they say shaq on it.
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
a thing the teach says to be funny
"A her her" the teacher sed right after explaining why bush is good
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
a wicked newspaper made by patrick molluly

kids get to interview famous ppl
yo homay i get to go with r. kelly in his house to ask him some questions
by beau h ligmen March 20, 2004
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