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There is ZERO evidence of efficacy, and ZERO plausible foundation for how or why this might treat medical conditions. Practitioners can be found who claim it treats anything: autism, ADHD, incontinence, migraines, chronic pain, depression, drug abuse, sleep disorders, you name it. These disorders all have different underlying causes, so it's implausible to expect a single treatment to target more than one of them, let alone all of them
The notion that some healthy EEG waves are "good" and some are "bad" is without any neurological foundation, and thus, so is neurofeedback. "Bad" EEGs are neither characteristic of, nor the cause of, the conditions neurofeedback pretends to treat, so save your money.
#neurotherapy #eeg feedback #junk science #neurofeedback is not medicine #neurotherapists are thieves #fire your doctor #games not medical treatments #long con #scam adults ignorance license #s.a.i.l. #sail away with your money #new age blowhards #n.a.b. #liar liar set them on fire
by beatings4scammers January 23, 2013
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