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3 definitions by beastovjudgement

A rampaging ass-raper; one who destroys all in his path to plunder some male bunghole.
Watch out, that dude's a backdoor barbarian. he's not one of those gentle, sneaky homos that lurk in alleys hoping to catch a glimpse of some guy's pecker while he's taking a leak. He's more the pro-active sort who'll stop at nothing to satisfy his cravings for man-ass.
by beastovjudgement May 28, 2009
A guy that's creepy.
Look at that guy with the raincoat and moustache. He's a Dr. Magoo.
by beastovjudgement May 28, 2009
The most man-meat-craving of all gaylords.
He's a gay fucking faggot who's also a homosexual. In fact, he's so gay he turned richard Simmons straight.
by beastovjudgement May 28, 2009